Monday, October 21, 2019

Stainless Steel Handrails & Balustrades

Stainless Steel is an excellent choice for use both inside and outside the home in the Shoalhaven for creating a stylish and contemporary look. Not only does it look great, Stainless Steel also has good resistance to corrosion and with proper care, will last for life. Stainless Steel is available in Satin or Mirror finishes and can be combined with Wire, Glass or Timber for maximum visual appeal.

Full Stainless Steel

Full stainless steel handrails use stainless steel for both the rail itself and the balustrades. Full stainless steel is an excellent choice if you are seeking maximum strength, durability and zero maintenance. Full stainless steel is also highly flexible in that the possibility of designs is limited only by the imagination of the customer!

Stainless Steel with Glass

Glass is one of the most popular choices of balustrades due to their versatility and superb contemporary look. In addition to looking great, they also offer unobstructed views and require very little maintenance. 

All glass used by Keimar is A-Grade Safety Glass in either toughened or laminated finishes. These glass types minimise any safety risks that may arise if the glass is broken. In fact, toughened glass has 5 times more strength than ordinary glass!

Stainless Steel with Wire

Stainless Steel wires are a modern form of balustrade and are a popular choice as they don't impede views, they involve very little, if any, cleaning and can be effectively used to create a 'nautical' look and feel.

With this method, stainless steel top rails and posts are used with the additional inclusion of Marine Grade 316 stainless steel wire which is fitted either vertically or horizontally. The Marine Grade 316 stainless steel wire is highly resistant to corrosion, particularly pitting corrosion and tea staining, and is extremely tough which means your handrails will last a lifetime! 

Stainless Steel with Timber

Our custom designed stainless steel and timber handrails and balustrades are an excellent choice and are especially popular amongst those customers who wish to integrate or blend their new handrails with existing wooden features on or around their home.

Stainless Steel with Pickets

Stainless steel picket railings are a great choice if you are seeking both strength, safety and affordability, whilst also achieving an aesthetically appealing and unique look to your home. Due to their clean, timeless design, picket handrails are broadly used for everything from residential stairways to commercial fencing. 

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